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    HR Metrics

    Date: February 13, 2012, 4:30pm – 6:30pm
    Rebecca Kayfus
    Northwest Chamber Of Commerce
    Free to Members
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    Measuring the Intangible Assets of Leadership, Communication and Teamwork


    Does your company suffer from LPD (Low Performance Disease)? If yes, you are

    operating at less then full performance. What company seeks to operate with its

    personnel at only 66% effectiveness? Imagine the performance gains that could

    be made if you permanently shifted your organizational effectiveness to 87%!

    By measuring the effectiveness of leadership, the quality of communication and

    the ability of employees to work together, your company will collect the

    information necessary to bring it to and sustain itself at the next level. Based on

    a 2011 study of over 1200 employees from 16 companies, we can share

    insights that will substantiate the value of measuring your intangibles.


    Learning points of this presentation:

    ▪ Measurement as a catalyst for cultural change.

    ▪ Why an organization needs to be treated as a living organism.

    ▪ A vision of the future: the dangers of not measuring your intangible assets.

    ▪ As an asset, your personnel is your most unique competitive advantage and

    must therefore be supported by your business culture.


    Benefits of this session:

    ▪ Common trouble spots occurring within the areas of leadership, communication

    and teamwork will be proven using study data.

    ▪ Organizations that boast a high-functioning culture experience a tangible cost

    savings through a reduction in absenteeism and turnover.